Thank You for your purchase.

On behalf of Embellished with Kinks™ I would like to thank you for supporting and being patient with our business as we continue to grow Our mission here was simply to break through todays narrow walls of beauty perception and provided our people with more choices Choices that would remain true to their roots We loved the ideal of seeing just a few more of our Queens celebrating and uplifting a beauty that is unique to us However with all your support contribution and feedback Embellished Kinks is quickly becoming something bigger than any of us has anticipated We sincerely thank you for the success you helped us achieve We would like to show our gratitude by implementing an additional 5% off any purchase using the promo Afrocentric

- Jenae J.

Owner and Manager of Embellished kinks, Jenae wearing Relaxed Romance Wefts.

Getting started

Before running your hands through your new investment, take a moment to carefully inspect the hair. Be sure to examine the weft construction, beards, and texture of the hair. Texture may vary slightly from length to length and purchase to purchase. However, we assure you each bundle still falls into its designated category.

If for any reason the hair does not meet your standards or you have concerns about blending, stop here and do not continue to manipulate the hair in anyway. Email us within 3 days upon delivery to discuss your options. As a health and safety precaution, we absolutely will not accept hair that has been worn, washed, cut, brushed out or chemically altered. etc.

What are Beards?

Simply put, beards are the hangover from where the hair strands were folded over and stitched together to form 1 continuous structured weft of hair.

To make a machine weft, loose strands of hair is fed into a series of special sewing machines. First the hair is threaded together at a distance between 1/2" to 1" from the very tips of the strands. Then the access hair is flipped over the remaining hair to undergo further threading to lock in the strands and ensure the hair will not easily slip from its placement. This overhang of hair is commonly referred to as beards.

Most Quality manufactures will do a third layer of stitching before deciding to sell as is (a single wefted track) or sandwich two wefts together to form a double wefted track.


Shampooing and Co-washing

You should always cleanse hair before installing it, especially when purchasing from overseas or if you aren't sure if the company will wash it. At Embellished Kinks,
all orders are cleansed and defined as a means of quality control so you don't have to. (The exception being if the buyers opt for expedited shipping, in which the order is packaged directly from stock). However, thereafter, depending on the usage of the extensions, we advise to only shampoo every 3-5 weeks and co wash *weekly. Hair extensions do not receive the natural replenishment of oils, as our natural hair does. Shampooing on a regular basis is not recommended as it can overstrip the hair of moisture causing them to become dry and prone to tangling. When shampooing, always follow up with a deep conditioning hair treatment.
If your order was expedited or you would like to cleanse the hair yourself, here's a few tips:

For the initial cleansing we recommend you leave the hair in its original bundled form to start with. Start off by generously filling a basin or sink with warm water. Submerge the hair into the water and ensure the hair is completely wet by letting it soak or repeatly dunking the hair into the water. Next, apply an quality cleanser directly to the hair. We suggest using a high quality cleanser with natural ingredients or one that is free of sulfates, alcohol and formaldehyde.

Distribute the product with a gentle downward motion using only your palms and fingers. Using tools while shampooing may be damaging the hair strands.

Be sure not to rub the hair or go in a back in forth motion. Eliminate contact at the end of the bundle and reconnect at the wefts. Doing so will prevent unnecessary friction preventing tangling, matting and frizz.


As you did with shampooing, apply your choice of conditioner to soaking wet hair and distribute in a downward motion. Remember not to rub or create friction.
At this point you may cut the ties holding the bundle together. Use the slip from the conditioner help with finger detangling and separation of the wefts. After finger detangling, use a deman brush or designated tool to further distribute, detangle, and define the hair. Leave the conditioner to sit on the hair for a minimum of 5 mins before rinsing in warm water. Allow the water to freely run down the hair strands. Once all of the product has been rinsed out, use your designated tool to further define the curl pattern. We find, defining clip-ins individually and leaving a wetfed bundle of hair folded in fours works well. In general, for the best definition, define on soaking wet hair, in small sections, and slowly pass through the hair in a downward motion. Curls tend to pop more when smaller sections are used.
Be carful not to disturb the curl pattern and create frizz. Use a deman brush to further define curls, then hang or lay flat in a t-shirt to air dry.


You may blow dry, curl or straighten your extensions. However, when applying heat to your extensions always use a quality heat protectant. Just like your own hair, excessive and/or frequent use of heat will dry out and/or damage your hair. If your hair becomes heat damage, it will lose its natural curl pattern and the ends may become dry, brittle and ultimately begin to break off. Heat damage is irreversible. Minimizing the use of heat will increase the longevity of your Embellished extensions.

Your extensions will arrive in a natural black/brown hair colour and can be dyed or bleached to any color you desire. For best results, its advised to consulting a professional hair stylist before dyeing or colour-treating your hair. As with heat, over processing your hair extensions can cause the to become dry, brittle and break off. Hair extensions that have been colored require extra love and attention. Please be sure to deep condition extensions and use nourishing hair products whenever possible.

*The best option is to abstain from all heat and use alternative options such as flexi rods and air drying.

Here's some life saving tips to keep in mind

•cutting or splitting the wefts contributes to shedding, We don't recommend it.
•Avoid using products that contain alcohol as they can dry out the hair.
•Never shampoo without following up with a hydrating conditioner.
•Always thoroughly detangle the hair before a shampooing.
•Deep condition at a minimal rate of bi weekly.
•After conditioning, rinse in cool water to promote shine and reduces frizz.
•Never sleep on wet hair, unless for heatless styling ie twist outs and rod sets.
•Always braid or twist the hair up before going to bed.
•For maximum protection, sleep with a silk or sateen bonnet and pillow case.
•Always finger detangle before using a deman brush.
•Detangle on damp or wet hair.
•Detangle and moisturize in sections.
•Only use wide tooth combs and deman brushes on curly hair(Never a paddle brush).
•Applying heat outside of diffusing, is never recommended on curly hair.
•Always air dry when time permits.
•Never attempt to bleach curly hair if you are not formally taught.
•Steer clear of using heavy oils and greasy products, they can lead to tangling.



You paid good money for extensions, it'll be a smart decision to further invest in it.

All shampoos and conditions are not created equally. You cannot consistently use Vo5 products and expect your hair to look like you've just walked out of a salon.

Its best to use products specifically designed for wigs and weaves. Traditional shampoos tend to have chemicals that can strip it, dry it out, and make it brittle causing irreversible damage. However, If this isn't an option you should always use moisturizing products that do not contain sulfates, parabens and alcohol

Treat shampoo as an acquaintance, not a friend.

As mentioned earlier most shampoos contain harsh chemicals that can damage your hair. Even the shampoos you think is completely safe may contain small amounts of these chemicals. These chemicals can affect the natural luster and shine of the hair; which is why we should only shampoo when deemed absolutely necessary.

Our basic rule of thumb is 3-5 weeks. This time period may be extended or shortened depending on the texture, product use, and how active you are while wearing the extensions.

Find and execute a solid routine and washing technique.

Remember the old days when we would rub shampoo into the scalp and against the hair strands, without a care in the world? Well, while using this technique didn't work out too bad for some of us, using similar techniques on wigs and other hair extensions is not ideal. Doing so could have you replacing your unit or extensions sooner than you hoped for.

*Here's an overview of some good techniques:

  • Always maintain full control while washing (in bundles form or tightly banded together by the wefts)
  • Soak your hair in warm water & ensure it is completely wet by repeatedly dunking the hair into the water.
  • Apply a recommended cleanser to the water and continue dunking the hair to distribute the product
  • Use only your palms and fingers to distribute the product in a downward motion  
    • Be Sure not to rub the hair or go in a back in forth motion.
    • Eliminate contact at the end of the bundle and reconnect at the wefts. (Doing so will prevent unnecessary friction preventing tangling, matting and frizz)
  • When rinsing, allow the water to run freely down the shafts of the hair.
  • Apply a conditioning product using the technique in bullet 3 (Deep condition after every shampoo)
  • Always detangle with tools while saturated in conditioner and water
  • Limit blow drying. Blot dry using a T-shirt and hang to drip dry.

Less wear means less wear.

Wearing your extensions less often protects them from quickly becoming worn out. We aren't saying, you should flip back and forth from extensions to natural hair other every other day or so. What we're trying to say is, you should not wear the same unit or set of extensions for prolonged periods of time. You should consider buying two wigs or sets of extensions and rotate them every so often allowing for you to thoroughly care for them during the off periods. Simply put, the less you wear it the longer it'll last.  

Natural hair care is equally as important.

This tip is last, but it’s probably the most important.
Maintaining clean hair and a healthy scalp is something you should be doing already. When you have a healthy scalp, you’ll prevent residues, oils, and grease from seeping on to your extensions. Plus, with a healthy scalp, your install will feel more comfortable.