What is Embellished Kinks?

In 2017, when the research begin for our company, we had one ideal in mind. Our sole mission was to provide more options for the average ethnic women and to encourage the celebration and uplifting the natural beauty that is unique to us; our our beautiful curls and kinks. In September 2019, the Embellished Kinks Hair collection brand launched providing women of color a way of protecting their hair and change their look, in a way that would stay true to their selves. A few years later we realized we were limiting ourselves. We decided to expand our brand and Extended Image Hair Collection was born.


Top Selling textures from EBK are still available for purchase in the Au Natural Collection

Our Product

Our clients are consistently met with high quality hair extensions. For our Elite collections, we only import the finest hair available from East Asia. Each bundle of our extensions are cut from a single donor, in a ponytail manner. This ponytail method is great for ensuring no other hair gets mixed in and that the cuticles stays aligned. The hair is then cleansed, wefted and lightly steamed for texture. Our Elite Extensions are never chemically processed. Steam processing extensions will in no way diminish the quality of the hair. Therefore, the quality of our Elite collection is comparable to that found in Natural Wavy Raw hair. The steam only serves purpose to enhanced the natural hair pattern to achieve the desired pattern. True raw hair can last upwards of 4/5 years with profession care can easily be lifted and custom colored to achieve a wide variety of gorgeous hues such as a #613 blonde.

Our Standard collection Hair Is virgin hair that has been lightly processed. The collection process is slightly different which results in the hair cuticles laying in all different directions. A process is then required to realign the cuticles. The process consists of gathering the hair an putting it into a conditioning solution to soften the hair then allowing a machine to separate the hair based on the direction of the cuticles. This technique is much better than the old technique of acid baths which would completely strip the cuticles and fry the hair. The quality vs price is really hard to beat. It could last you anywhere from 1 to 3 years and can be dyed, but it's not recommended for colors over a #27 Honey Blonde.

We are extremely selective when picking our imported hair, and reject all hair that doesn’t meet our strict standards for either lines (Elite and Standard).

Meet the Women in charge

Extended Image, formerly known as Embellished Kinks (founded in 2013) specializes in providing quality Virgin hair extensions. It started with me processing orders during the late hours of the night, after full days of working Retail Management, and in my Mamas house.  

As an avid extension wearer, from the early years of high school, I knew just how difficult it is to find a trustworthy company with great, affordable, lasting hair; and even more of a challenge to find a company providing extensions that resembled ethnic hair! Which is why Embellished Kinks was created. With the re-brand, Our new focus is to encourage ALL women to become more savvy when it comes to their hair and extensions while providing the best ethnic and European hair on the market.

In addition to our new name, fully stocked budget line and new products, our clients can expect a reliable source for truthful and useful information to educate our clients; ensuring they have all that they need to make and enjoy their quality investment; PLUS a wholesale program!